Class of 2020
At Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival we’ll be using a great deal of design thinking to come up with ideas and solutions to real world challenges. 

We think a similar approach may be useful if you’re not sure what to do with your future.  Here are some ideas you can use to do some design thinking about your career.


Covid- 19 may have caused significant disruption but it has also already created opportunities.  How might you find them?


What is design thinking?  It is thinking ‘out of the box’.  Looking at things differently, not being constrained by traditional wisdom, existing approaches or assumptions.  Like the little boy who when he saw a lorry stuck under a bridge asked why they didn’t just let its tyres down rather than dismantle part of the bridge or the lorry to get it out, or the toddler who got his head stuck between railings and just stepped forward when his Dad couldn’t get his head out the way it had gone in.


Many employers are looking for people who have design thinking skills to help make continuous improvements or innovate.

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Intro to Design Thinking and Agile
Sam Flynn – Masterclass - Social-Media-and-Your-Personal-Brand
Class of 2020

The design thinking process can be summed up by three broad phases.