How can water companies improve the way data is shared with customers, regulators and other key stakeholders to enable constructive dialogues and informed decision making.
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This hack is taking place at Newcastle Racecourse 12-14 July


The water and sewerage sector is under increasing pressure to improve its environmental performance – and reduce the ecological damage caused by sewage spills from storm overflows. To conform with imminent regulatory measures – and improve transparency and communication across the sector – water and sewerage companies now need to produce storm overflow data within just 60 minutes of a spillage! But it’s vital this data is validated first and delivered in context, so customers, regulators, and other water companies can get a true picture of an incident and its potential impact.


Join our data hack to help us develop a solution for water companies to deliver and validate this crucial spill data in context, at speed. We’ll be focusing on automation techniques, including: How to automatically validate enriched data, so water companies can report spillage data accurately, on time, and with confidence. How to automatically collate contextual information for each spill alert, so end users can make well-informed decisions depending on the severity, risk, and impact of each incident.


As Northumbrian Water’s technology partner for its Stream open data sharing platform in the water industry, Aiimi invites you to join our hack to collaborate with subject matter experts, hear from guest speakers, and leverage our AI-powered Insight Engine technology to help develop brand-new automation solutions for spill incidents!