Hacks bring together Data Science and Subject Matter Expertise to tackle some of our biggest challenges.

Hack refers to a Hackathon – a sprint like workshop in which data experts, programmers and others involved in software development , including graphic designers, domain experts, and others come together to tackle a significant problem or challenge.


NWG will host an open source hack that will address some of the biggest challenges we face in our industry.


If you’ve not signed up already, you can do that here:

Innovation Festival 2020 Sign-up


Once registered, or if you have already, you can select your preferred hackathon here:


Please make sure you choose the right hack for each day (please note that Time is Running Out and Rain both start on Tuesday 15th September).


For the hacks it’s definitely best to stay with the same one from start to finish – please select each day in the sign-up. While it’s better to join for the whole event, don’t worry if you can’t make every day – we’ll help you to be part of the hacks whenever you can join.



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