Great ideas are everywhere, but the path to success is uncertain, even with the greatest ideas.

Sprint is an abbreviation for 'Design Sprint' which is a structured process for moving from a significant problem / challenge to a tested prototype solution in 5 stages. The Sprint originally developed at Google Ventures (by Jake Knapp) and typically runs over 4 – 5 days, although there are many variations based on available timescales.


If you are taking part in a sprint we strongly recommend that you work on the same challenge for the duration of your visit.

Awesome Assets

These sprints are exploring how we can make the most of our assets and make smart future decisions.

Carbon Champions

These sprints are going to accelerate our journey to net zero.

Customer Heroes

These sprints will help us to create an unrivalled customer experience.

Digital Power

These sprints are exploring how we can unleash the full digital potential to help us work smarter.

Enviro Warriors

These sprints will seek solutions to protect and enhance our environment.

People Power

These sprints are all about how we can improve our employee experience and help them unleash their full potential.

Rural Ravers

These sprints are exploring spatial information to boost reliability and resilience in our operations and maximize land use possibilities.

Smart Tech

These sprints are exploring the global for breakthrough technology solutions for some of our toughest challenges.

Water Wonders

These sprints are delving into the realms of water scarcity, supply and demand and leakage.