What solutions can we find to address the issue of ocean plastic pollution, resulting in cleaner bathing waters and a healthier ocean?
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There are approximately a staggering 12 million tonnes of plastic waste ending up in the ocean every year, threatening 40% of marine mammals with extinction and making our water unsafe for all users.


It’s not just single use plastics and micro-plastics that’s the problem, ghost fishing gear (abandoned, discarded, lost and discarded gear) accounts for around 10% of this in the ocean, killing marine life, damaging habitats, and having a socio-economic impact on the fishing and wider community.


Pots and traps, such as those used for lobsters and crabs, pose a real threat to the North East marine environment and are regularly found washed up on our shores. Join SeaScapes for a three day sprint to explore the issue in greater depth, before developing a targeted solution that will benefit all ocean-users and our diverse marine habitats.


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