How can we use the Drainage and Wastewater Management Planning framework to enhance our rivers and deliver wider benefits for urban and rural environments?
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Harm to the environment is caused by a variety of sources which are impacting our rivers and can be detrimental to communities. How can we use the DWMP framework to reduce the impact these have on rivers in urban and rural environments, and collaborate to provide wider benefits from DWMP in the future.


Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans (DWMPs) provide us with a platform for more collaborative and integrated long-term planning across drainage, wastewater and environmental water quality. By bringing a variety of stakeholders together, we want to create an industry-leading approach that collaboratively delivers on the potential that DWMPs offer. Join us to help design the blueprint for future DWMPs, starting with a focus on how we can use DWMP to improve the quality of our river environments.


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