How can we support customers with the rising cost of living, through better designed communications, starting with bills?
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This sprint is taking place online on 12 - 13 July


How many of us truly understand the information on some of the bills that pop through our letter box or in-box? We hear you! At Northumbrian Water Group, we want to re-design our bills to make sure our customers find them easy to understand, while also making sure they contain the right information to help our customers save money on their utility bills (while saving water and energy!).


What does a great bill look like for our customers. Join us as we explore how we make bills easier for our customers to understand, make sure they get the information they need at the right time to help them avoid getting into a debit situation by making the right choice for them. A designated  group of people will then  talk to our customers on this  topic  at the Innovation Festival on 14 July.