How might we use data and product innovation to identify sustainable and scalable ways to prevent or control rat infestations in our urban areas and therefore prevent damage and harm caused by rats? 
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This sprint / hack is taking place at Newcastle Racecourse

12 - 14 July


Rat infestations are damaging our urban areas. Contaminating food, damaging infrastructure and electrical wiring, and posing a public health risk. It’s a real problem on a national scale. Water and sewerage companies, local government, and public health authorities are under increasing pressure to put in place sustainable and scalable actions.


But targeting early infestation relies on sightings reported by the public, while validation depends on manual inspections. Plus, with several organisations involved in resolving the rat problem, and each employing a different strategy and using a different data model, it’s unclear what’s being done, by who, and to what effect! No single organisation can resolve this challenge with their own data alone, making a collaborative approach key.


Join our sprint / hack to help share and standardise open data about rat infestations, create a common data model for more accurate predictions, and help organisations develop more effective preventative and control measures, together. We’ll be joined by guest speakers to provide subject matter expertise and help us find a better solution to this national public health challenge.