Can a national unified utility incident alert service minimize the impacts on other asset owners and operators?


This sprint is taking place at Newcastle Racecourse 8 - 11 July


This four day sprint is taking place at Newcastle Racecourse over four days. It may be of interest to Utilities (water, gas, power, communications - possible nuclear, COMAH sites, transport sectors) - Emergency Planners, IS/GIS, Control Room and networks.


A major incident with any Utility (water, Gas, Electric, Telco) is likely to have an impact on the other utilities in the local area. Water ingress can cause havoc on utility network infrastructure maintained by other utility organisations, especially telecom and gas distribution network operators.


A power cut, unless properly managed by a Water company, can lead to pump failures and loss of supply. A mobile network outage can lead to communications failures with remote assets and the inability to remotely manage network assets for any utility.