This year’s Innovation Festival 23 will be supporting over 850 young citizens to enhance their knowledge and experience in STEM activities during the festival.

We have catered for all year groups too, with age-appropriate activities including building robots, creating mini cars as well as solving some of the important issues with our environment.


We have partnered with some fantastic STEM organisations to help us at the festival too. Take a look below to see who will be part of our amazing STEM line up this year.

Stemazing - logo promo.png

Our friends at Stemazing focus on amplifing the female voice in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in order to create a more diverse and inclusive STEM future.

Newcastle Eagles - logo promo.png

The most successful British Basketball team ever – the Newcastle Eagles will be coming along and shooting some hoops, demonstrating how physics plays a vital role in sports.

Newcastle United Foundation - logo promo.png

Nucastle foundation will be delivering important ‘skills for the future’ sessions to year 7s, including how to manage your money, team working and communication.

Skewb - logo promo.png

It’s time to “let the children take charge”. Our collaboration with Skewb, we aim to engage children to harness their ideas and understand their level of awareness of water efficiency and water scarcity. Children will help us develop an innovative learning module using Minecraft to raise awareness of water demand management. Children will not only get a chance to be a part of game design, but it will be fun, interactive sessions with some gaming thrown in too!


Water you waiting for image.png


We’ll also have our own unique team of water experts onsite who will work with some of the older citizens. We’ve enlisted the help of our HR Team, under & post graduate students, graduates and NWG volunteers to get stuck in and prepare activities to help develop valuable skills for future.


Looking at problem solving, ideation, innovation, decision making and design thinking, our older citizens will create campaigns that we can share with our customers giving them great insight and experience for the future.

STEM diagram STEM diagram

Year 10 and upward citizens will be getting involved in some exciting SPRINTS, working on problem statements such as:

  • Bin the Wipe, how we do encourage teenagers to bin the wipe and not down the toilet.
  • What does recruitment look like in the future -should it still be an interview?
  • Misconnections-how do we promote this issue to prevent in the future
  • How do we get more diversity into Stem jobs
  • How do we prevent Fat, Oils and Grease entering our networks.
  • How do we get the best out of you at recruitment -neurodiversity angle

And we also have a host of activities that we hold outside of the Innovation festival including our work experience events at our Howdon site to explore roles and skills, providing ands on experience working in the water industry.

Startup Sherpas - logo promo.png

We are also working with the Startup Sherpas to help kids learn a brilliant bunch of skills – to innovate, create and engage. We will be working together with young citizens on: How might water companies engage to get the message through to every part of our society that we need to treat water as a precious resource and change our behaviour in how we use it at home?


Looking at how we do that through social channels, which influencers to use to get the message through, and how this differs across different parts of society will all be outcomes of the work.

We want to encourage our young citizens at the festival to take on . . . well . . . the world! Even the smallest change can make a huge impact if we all do it together.