How can we (businesses, community groups and the VCSE sector, and local government) work together to ensure our local rivers and wetlands are healthy, that we can meet our water consumption needs and provide spaces for recreation?
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This sprint is taking place at Newcastle Racecourse 11 - 13 July


The People’s Plan for Nature, created by citizens in 2023, calls for a collaborative, systems wide approach to the restoration and protection of nature. This hack will give us the opportunity to explore:


  1. How business, citizens and communities can get involved in managing and protecting their local rivers and catchment areas in an equitable manner
  2. How citizen science and other participatory initiatives can build a powerful case and mandate for local wildlife and nature protection
  3. What local government can do to support collaborative approaches and to share good practice more widely (including funding and support navigating legislation and regulations)


We’re looking for Northumbria-based businesses of all types and sizes, community groups and charities to join our design team to prototype a local systems-wide approach to restoring and protecting our waterways. 


This sprint will be presented by the citizens who created the People’s Plan for Nature, supported by the project’s commissioners - RSPB, National Trust and WWF.