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Do I need to register for the Innovation Festival to access the event?
Yes please!


You can sign up here!


You will need to register before being able to access the content and live sesions. You will also need to sign into the live sessions before joining them. You will only need to do this once, it will take a few seconds and you can sign up using a chrome browser at any time here! 

I'm a student and interested in the resources for the Class of 2020, where can I find out more?

You can access all of fhe Class of 2020 resources and you can book a place on the live masterclass on creating your linked in profile here.

What is the difference between a festival delegate and a festival explorer?

You’re a festival delegate - if you want to take an active part in a design sprint, data hack, a year’s worth of work in a week or a daily dash on one of the topic challenges. Choose this option to register your interest in being part of the group working on a solution to the challenge.


You’re a festival explorer - if you want complete flexibility to just dip in and out and see what’s happening over the week. Everyone is welcome here to see what’s going on, there’s no time commitment and there’s no experience needed.

What time does the Innovation Festival open each day?

Our Rise and Shine well being sessions start at 8.15am each day and the morning welcome starts at 9am CET.

How can I find out what has been happening in the challenges?

You can join our daily jam sessions at 4pm each day or you can visit the challenge pages on our website.

Where can I find a timetable of what's going on?

You can find a timetable on our App and on the website homepage.

Where do I go for help during the Innovation Festival?

You can contact us at our virtual helpdesk here.

Where can I see the Virtual Exhibition stands?

You can access the virtual expo site here we have over 50 exhibition stands for you to look around. This will be open ahead of the festival, during the festival and after the festival and it is open to browse the content at any time.


We also have three networking sessions from 5pm - 6pm Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th September where you are able to see the outputs of our previous festivals and interact with the exhibitors through web chat and video chat.

I'm interested in finding out more about the previous festival ideas on the 'Mainstage', where will I find them?

Our mainstage will be available for viewing throught the festival in the virtual expo here you can also find this link on the festival map and timetable.

How do I sign up for the Escape Room?

You can join the escape room by using the link here.

How can I find the right links to the activity I want to take part in?

You can access all areas of the Innovation Festival by using the interactive map or through the timetable on the website homepage.

Do I need to download or use any particular browser to take part in the digital Innovation Festival?
Google Chrome will be the supported browser for all activities.


Please check it’s available for you to use on your devices before the festival begins. Check that you already have access to Zoom or request your organisation enables it for you to use during the Innovation Festival.

Can I find out what's happening via social media?
Keep your eyes on our social media channel throughout the week.


We’ll be posting lots of updates, pictures and videos during the festival.


Please join in! Use #InnovationFestival20 when posting your content, that way we will see it and can share it. There’s also a LinkedIn event page specifically for IF20. This is THE best place to network and share updates with festival delegates. Join here.

Is there any social media around the event that we can mirror, any Hastags or @’s?

#innovationfestival20 @NorthumbrianH20 on twitter @NorthumbrianWater on facebook


There’s also a LinkedIn event page specifically for IF20. This is THE best place to network and share updates with festival delegates. Join here.

I signed up as a festival delegate but I haven't yet chosen a challenge I want to work on, what should I do ?

Complete this form as soon as possible to secure a place on your chosen challenge. 

I am a festival explorer what activities can I take part in?

There are a loads of activites you can take part in throughout the Innovation Festival as an explorer, join in a well being session, visit our virtual world in Virbela, join our Ideas jam on kindness in the workplace on Thursday or take part in an interactive session with Sam Coniffe Allende you can find out more on our App or on our website homepage and book a place onto the events here.

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